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How to unlock the discount for your order on Dinesaw.com?

by Anders Yao on July 16, 2022

How to unlock the discount for your order?

They have several ways to unlock a coupon code for your orders. The details is as follows

1. If you can translate any article which you found useful in your local language then you can get a 3 USD coupon code. We will need the translation text shared by email.

2.  if you can share the product on any of your social channels, you can get a 1 USD discount for each share. For example, you can share the product on your Facebook and Instagram account then you can receive a 2 USD discount. If the posts on your social Channel are shared and discussed by your fans then the discount can be more.

3. if you can write a small article over one hundred words about the products then you get the  3 USD Minimum discount. If the article has been shared by your fans then we can add more discounts on the popularity of the article.

4. if you can give us any recommendations on our products or website. Once we find them useful we will give you each advice 1 USD discount minimum.  

How to claim the discount?

Once you finish any tasks listed above you can very welcome to send us emails. Please share us the post link or the file by email once we confirm the task is finished then we can reply to the email with a specific discount amount in the way of a coupon code.

Thank you for your working with us.  

More partnership plan is listed in the following articles, please check.


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