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Today’s generation is not safer than before, hence a GPS watch can meet the children's protection needs of the parents, and it is easy to use and wear. Now just connect your child’s device with App on your phone then you can keep well known of your kids’ activities and safety anytime and anywhere. GPS watches here are designed for kids from different age groups, it has basic functionality, but are cool and rich in design. It has almost all needed features like SOS, voice messaging, multiple location tracking, alarm and two-way mobile calls, video call, schedules, and a 4G network. Water resistance will keep the watch safe when kids are having fun. The interface is simple and would not distract a child during classes. The SIM card tray design offers much more convenience than before, parents no need to worry about the wrong SIM installation anymore. The take-off alert function will remind parents when the kids take off the watch from their wrist.

Kids GPS Watch (62)

4G LTE Android GPS WIFI Video CallingSupport Whatsapp Kids Smart Watch KT16_EU


4G LTE GPS SOS WIFI Kids Video Calling Smart Watch KT11 support Whatsapp_EU


4G kids watch with GPS WIFI positioning and Video Calling Kids Smart Watch support Whatsapp KT20S_EU


4G GPS phone Watch Video Calling Smart Watch Support Whatsapp KT15_EU


4G RTOS CAT1 Kids GPS WIFI Kids Smart Watch Health Bracelet S10_EU


4G RTOS CT08 GPS Big Screen SOS Videocall Children SmartWatch CAT1_EU


4G GPS Android WIFI Video Calling Kids Smart Watch, Support Whatsapp KT22_EU


Wonlex 4G CAT1 Kids GPS WIFI Kids Video Calling Smart Watch Q50 Pro_Moscow


Wonlex 4G Videocall SOS Children CAT1 LBS + WIFI SmartWatch CT07_Moscow