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How to be our premium product reviewer?

by Anders Yao on July 16, 2022

What is the premium product reviewer? 

PPR is our valued partner who has already worked with us for a period of time, and their influence has been proven over the social network. The important thing is that the PPR and Dinwaw have reached the common goal of bringing the customers comfort, safety, and less anxiety. 

Is this a charged service?

Yes, we are offering this premium product reviewer a 99 USD yearly charge plan. More charge plans will be introduced later when our PPR team grows bigger.

Can this cost be rewarded?

Yes. The cost isn't the money paid to us, it is the bond to connect. Considering the special rights of PPR will be qualified, we are offering free samples every quarter. To make sure the PPR will test and publish the review on their FB, Ins, and Youtube channels in time, we have this yearly payment as a guarantee. When the review has been made just on time, the money will be rewarded to your payment account every year.

How to be our premium product reviewer?

There are several conditions to claim such a premium product reviewer.

1. You've already been working with Dinwsaw for over a year.

2. You have already reviewed over 4 products from us and brought in the conversion orders from your reviews with orders value of over 500 USD.

What does it entail to be a Premium Product Reviewer (PPR)?

a. The first and most important thing is that we can offer a new product for review every quarter, then 4 free samples every year. 

b. We can offer a 125 USD discount code every month if you have an order plan. Coupon code details: 5 USD off orders under 50-100 USD; 10 USD off orders over 100-200 USD; 20 USD off orders over 200-400 USD; 40 USD off orders over 400-600 USD; 50 USD off orders over 1000 USD; can only be placed by yourself.

C. We can offer free express shipping once a month for every small order weighing less than 0.5-1KG, and only express shipping is available to the destination countries.

d. You can receive a free product sourcing service. If our products can't meet your demand or you have other stuff to import, we can advise or import at your cost but without adding any extra commission. 

e.We can offer a special cooperation term if you want to work with us and a drop-shipping partner or play as a distributor.

More rights will be unlocked soon.


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