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Wonlex Elegant Women's Health Smart Watch HT2

by Tiffany YI on March 01, 2022

Most of the Bluetooth watches on the market revolve around health and sports, and there are very few Bluetooth watches customized for women. This article introduces a Bluetooth watch called HT2 which is immaculate and textured, designed for elegant women.

There are two kinds of straps for you to choose from, which are steel straps and leather straps, with different textures, which all fit well with the watch. Two different styles of straps meet the choices of different groups of people.

Having never worn a watch before, you may be concerned that you are not used to wearing a watch regularly. But wearing HT2 will not have this worry. The watch weight is only 40g, which is light and comfortable to wear. And low power consumption is enough to allow you to use the watch stress-free for a week. Whether you are out for travel or work can get rid of the trouble of charging.

The Bluetooth watch has a special main control chip named BK3633, which means you can always know your health status. HT2 can test blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate, reducing your health concerns. By understanding the changes in heart rate, the intensity of exercise is likely to be adjusted in time. Through data collection, the algorithm of the watch can adapt to various groups of people, with capable adaptability and more accurate measurement.

People who love sports but don’t know how to control the amount of exercise. Sometimes excessive exercise causes muscle fatigue then they lose interest in exercising later. HT2, equipped with an SC7R31 professional sensor, can record and analyze exercise mileage, heart rate, calorie and make exercise data clear at a glance. On the one hand, improve the efficiency of exercise. On the other hand, you can also set appropriate goals and increase your interest in sports. It can record the menstrual time and remind you with tips to avoid embarrassment.

Phone, SMS are notified promptly in real-time, and you won’t miss important messages even when you’re exercising. Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and various social software information can display, reducing the screen time of your mobile phone. The Bluetooth watch helps you quickly retrieve information, cut down the time of reading useless messages, and relieve your eyes. Adequate sleep time and good sleep quality are prerequisites for health. When you fall asleep, the watch automatically turns on the sleep mode and monitors the state of the body. You can know more about your sleep status in the App, adjust your work and rest time, and work and rest habits to improve sleep quality.


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