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Wonlex 4G CAT1 Video Calling Smatchwatch Q50 Pro

by Tiffany YI on April 09, 2022

Many people who have paid attention to kid smartwatches must know the Q50 model, a popular kid watch. After the upgrading of smartwatches, we have also optimized and upgraded the Q50 in an all-around way and launched the Q50 Pro with higher functions and performance.

Differ from the square screen design on the market, the new watch maintains the same unique appearance as the Q50 generally, with a rectangular screen design, pattern printing of footprints, and candy colors that match the innocence of children. But we made minor adjustments in a few details, starting with an added camera above the screen. With the camera, on the one hand, the watch provides photograph and album functions, and children can use the watch to take photos and store photos. On the other hand, the watch has transformed from a single voice call to a two-way video call, allowing parents to connect with their children visually. Under the dual guardianship of voice and video, parents have a better understanding and peace of mind about their kids’ situation.

When it comes to the left side of the watch, the SIM card slot instead of the charging port and the SOS button solve the trouble of not having a screwdriver, and it is more convenient to insert the card. The magnetic four-pin charging on the back case replaces the original charging port. As we all know, magnetic charging is good for the life of the watch socket and can reduce the scratches near the socket. It can prevent the watch from being charged due to frequent plugging and unplugging that causes the broken interface. At the same time, the use of magnetic cables is convenient. When you put it next to the port, it will automatically absorb and charge without repeated exploration. By the way, it will charge when you use a two-pin cable while a four-pin cable is used for flash.

The new smartwatch reduces three buttons on the right side to two, and on the upper is the power button which can wake up the screen and switch on and off the watch. Below is the SOS function button, which can also wake up the watch. And when the watch inserts the SIM card, long-press the SOS button can make an emergency call.

The new smartwatch uses the touch screen, so the buttons are reduced from the previous four to two, which assists the use of the watch. On the one hand, the touch screen reduces the usage of buttons and prolongs the service life of the watch. On the other hand, a touch screen means more functions, and new functions enrich the user's experience of the watch.

The new smartwatch realizes the integration of the back case and the fuselage and adopts a plasticizing process so that the watch is not easily scratched and deformed. The back shell material used in the watch is more skin-friendly, safe and non-toxic, making it more comfortable for children to wear. The back case is strong, waterproof, and not easy to disassemble. All these features make the Kid smart watch better protects the internal parts of the watch and improves the safety of children.

With the development of the global network and the wide usage of the 4G network, we also upgrade the network of the smart watch. The network service upgrades from the original 2G to 4G. The advantage of the 4G mobile network is its splendid speed. The increased bandwidth results in faster data transfer speeds, which is especially beneficial for mobile devices such as watches. 4G network users can enjoy excellent, uninterrupted connectivity, especially for advanced features like video chat. The 4G network makes the call between the watch and the mobile phone more smooth, keeping the connection between parents and children connected constantly.

There are also several related questions about the new smartwatch, which introduce below briefly. Regarding the power consumption of 4G watches, the CAT1 model used by the watch has equipped with a large 500mAh battery. Compared with the high power consumption of CAT4, the Q50 Pro has a longer standby time, and a full charge can last for a week. There are also some new functions, such as an alarm, stopwatch, and pedometer. If kids utilize these functions fully, it will bring a lot of convenience to their lives. For example, an alarm can help children develop good work and rest habits and serve as a reminder. When children want to complete a task within the specified time, they can use a stopwatch to control time variables and improve the efficiency of learning and life. The data of the pedometer transfers to the mobile phone automatically, and parents can know the amount of exercise their children do in a day and urge their children to be active and exercise.


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