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Why Is A Smartwatch Better Than A Smartphone?

by Tiffany YI on September 02, 2022


Today, parenting concepts have been rejigged, and the focus is on the mental development of the kids. Hence, the market is mushrooming up with various devices that can keep a tab on your kids' security and make them feel safe inside and outside the home. While the smartphone seems to be an obvious choice for most parents, is it the only option?

The answer is no; a kid's GPS watch is another option to swear by. This post has created a rundown of points that discusses why a smartwatch is better than a smartphone. 


  1. Smartphones are for adults.

Smartphones are meant for adults. They come up with internet access, social media apps, and the ability to accept the calls and texts from anyone- like scammers or random strangers, telemarketers, etc. Do you want your kid to deal with such people? Or want such people to contact your kid through social media? Well, your kid is too small to navigate all these possible dangers, so a smartphone is not an option for them. On the other hand, a smartwatch allows only approved people to contact your kid. 


They will receive a call from you or approved contacts only. Internet access and social media are blocked; you don't have to worry much.


  1. Even a five-year-old can operate it.


The demand for GPS watches for kids is on the rise because it has basic functions that are easy for children and parents to operate. On the other hand, smartphones are designed for adults, making them hard for kids to use. Also, GPS watches for kids block inappropriate social media content; thus, you can be assured of their safety. Also, the watch has a large display with simple icons, so your child will not get confused.


  1. They come with trendy straps.


Is your kid bored of donning the same straps? The kids' GPS watch comes with trendy straps for a long due makeover. These straps are contemporary, affordable, and come in various shades that elevate your child's outfit. They are suited for different weather conditions and look trendy too! You can easily rinse it with soap and water and wipe it clean.


  1. The watch has an inbuilt GPS feature.


Most parents think about their child's safety. However, the kids' tracker watch has an in-built GPS feature that helps you locate them anytime. The GPS tracker works anywhere and pings the child's geolocation on the parent's phone. Some smartwatches also have an SOS feature that alerts the parents in an emergency. However, not all smartwatches are meant to give you minute-by-minute details of the child's location in real-time. Parents who need minute-by-minute updates of their child's whereabouts should buy watches with such capabilities. These watches are programmed to give you relevant information at a customized time. You can download the third-party app for additional features and functionalities. 


On the other hand, the smartphone has GPS tracking, but it can be turned off manually or when the battery dies.


  1. Kids’ tracker watch provides detailed and accurate information.


The kids' tracker smartwatch provides detailed and accurate location information, which smartphones cannot provide. It offers information on a real-time basis. Moreover, such watches come with long battery life so that your kids stay secure and within the parents' knowledge. With this watch, you can give freedom to your kids to move around in the home or outside. Your stress will be reduced, and since your kid's activity will be monitored, you can send them to different places.


  1. They don't become a victim of social media scams.


Social media scams are prevalent everywhere and kids often find their way to reach social media even when their parents don't agree with it, which means they are inviting trouble and can soon become victims. Using social media can invigorate their mental health issues and give rise to troubles like anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. It can also lead to behavioral problems, neurological disorders, changes in sleep patterns, etc. The smartwatch does not lead to all such problems and helps kids' healthy development. Its features give kids the freedom to walk around the neighborhood with confidence. It means the kids can spend more time outside and less time staring at the screen, and you can always call them when you want.


  1. There are no distractions in the class.


Smartphones tend to distract students from their studies, which can be dangerous for their academic development. The Bluetooth smartwatches are a great replacement for it. They reduce the kid's screen time and distractions. All the social media sites and the internet are blocked on the smartwatches so that the child does not fall prey to predators. Additionally, it will not distract them in class, and their scores will not go down. Some smartwatches come with a do not disturb feature; you can set it when your classes are going on. With this feature, the child will not be disturbed by a text from a friend or a notification, and since the internet is blocked, he will not be tempted to use any of the applications in the class.


  1. Monitor your kids


Today, both parents are working; hence keeping an eye on the children has become a cumbersome task. While a smartphone can help you call and text your children, you cannot diagnose their activities. The 4G GPS Android watch here comes to the rescue. It keeps a tab on your child's activities and will reward them when they complete the tasks, like completing steps taken for physical activity, etc.

While smartphones have GPS and options, they are not ideal for keeping track of younger children.


  1. The parents can create a safety zone.


While smartphones have several features to track and find people; however they are not perfect because sometimes you might omit to look at them. It means you are missing something important. It can be their school, child care center, best friend's home, etc. On the other hand, the 4G GPS Android watch helps you create a safe zone for your child, and if they move out of it, an alert is sent to your phone in real-time, so you can meet them if required. The smartphone does not have all those security features.


  1. It protects you from predators.


The world is not safe for children; many predators are spying on your child and trying to retrieve information or steal that expensive smartphone from them. Sadly, other predators want to kidnap your child in exchange for ransom, or they might want to use photos of your child for illegal activities, from scams to child traffickers. How to keep your kids stay safe from these predators?


A kid's smartwatch comes to your rescue. A child wearing a kid's GPS watch is less likely to be targeted by predators because they know these children carry safety on their wrists. A smartphone is never a good choice because predators can use it as a medium to befriend your child and unknowingly steal their identity.


The smartwatch blocks unapproved contacts and their texts, and it tracks your kid's movement all time.


  1. They can make a phone call.


The blue tooth phone call watch helps the child to communicate with their parents. These watches help the kids to make calls and send text messages, thus making communication seamless and convenient between parents and children. The smartwatches are easy to use; hence the children can do voice calling and send text messages. They are created so that you can restrict the call of strangers, telemarketers, and potential scammers. No one else can call them except approved members. It is the reason it is a notch above the smartphone.


  1. They are durable 


Smartphones are bulky, and sometimes, kids cannot carry them properly. On the other hand, the smartwatch is durable and easy for kids to handle. Their enhanced durability protects your investment and since they are lower in price, replacing them is easier.


In a nutshell


Smartphones are for kids who want to show off their trendy and cool attitude; however, the Bluetooth phone call watch is more relevant, affordable, and backed with advanced features. Its safety features and lack of internet connection make it a popular choice among kids. Overall, it is an investment that works well for kids and parents- parents can monitor the activity, and kids enjoy wearing the gadgets. If you are not comfortable introducing smartphones to your kids early, the smartwatch is the best alternative.



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