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Useful Features of Kids GPS Watches that Keep Your Kid Safe

by Tiffany YI on September 22, 2022

Keeping your kid safe and healthy is a concern of every parent and with everything that we hear in the news, it is getting harder day by day. Fortunately, technology has advanced so much that you can now rely on something as small as a kids smart watch to make sure they are okay.

Nowadays, smartwatches and GPS trackers are proving to be a necessity for parents, especially those living in big and crowded cities. A smartwatch allows you to stay connected with your child even when he/she is out of sight and make sure they are safe.

Naturally, many parents consider it a nuisance to give their kids such high-tech and expensive devices. If you are one of those parents, don’t stop reading. Because in this article, we are going to explain all the useful features a kids GPS watch has which can keep your kid safe and give you peace of mind.


How Do Kids Tracker Watches Work?

Before we learn all about the features of Bluetooth smart watches, let’s have a brief overview of how they work. Most of the kids’ GPS watches work the same by allowing you to monitor the movements of your child and interact with them. Usually, you need to download an application on your mobile device that connects with the smart device on your kid’s wrist.

That app gives you notifications about their activity and updates about their location using the Global Positioning System (GPS) inside of the kids tracker watch. The best thing about GPS watches for kids is that even if they are broken or lost, they still give you a signal about their last location.


Useful Features of Kids GPS Watches

These are some of the most useful and common features in kids' smart watches:

· GPS Tracking
The first and foremost important feature of a kids tracker watch is GPS tracking. It allows you to track the whereabouts of your child and know where he/she is at any time. In terms of safety, what more can you ask for than knowing the exact location of your kid? Whether they are in school, at a friend’s house, in the park, or anywhere in the city, you can locate them easily.
GPS tracking in those smart watches works by sending updates of your kid’s movement on your smartphone through the app which connects the watch to your phone. You can protect your children from harm and accidents by always knowing where they are and where they are going. GPS trackers in kids’ smart watches also send you a notification when they reach their specific destinations such as school. As a parent, this is enough to put your mind at ease.

· SOS Alerts
Nothing scares a parent more than knowing that their kid was in trouble and they didn’t know about it. That’s what the SOS feature on the kids tracker watch is for. There is an SOS button on your kid’s smart watch which sends out emergency alerts until someone answers and rescues the kids.
As soon as the child presses that specific button on their smart watch, it starts to call all the numbers added to the emergency list until it gets a response from one of them. Usually, smart watches for kids allow up to 3 numbers which can be added to the watch’s SOS list.
The important thing about this feature is that you should teach your kid not to press the SOS button for fun. If your kid keeps pressing it without a real emergency, it can lose credibility and you might end up ignoring it when a real emergency occurs.

· Call and Text Communication
Knowing that you can call your little kid that doesn’t have a mobile phone yet is a blessing. What’s an even bigger blessing and a source of peace of mind for parents is the fact that their kids can call them too using a kids GPS watch.

Not all, but a lot of GPS watches have a two-way communication feature where you can add some numbers to your kid’s smart watch for texts and calls. Some watches automatically answer your call so that the kid has no option of declining it.

However, for the text and call feature to be enabled on your child’s smart watch, you need to buy a SIM card and subscribe to a mobile plan. This feature practically converts something as small as a watch into a functioning mobile phone.

· Waterproofing
It might not sound like an important feature to some of you but for parents who live near the beach or have a big pool at home, the waterproofing feature is a lifesaver. Children often play in the water and sometimes it can get dangerous and parents might not even know about it.
This is why having a device on their wrist which can keep functioning even when they are in the water can save them from a lot of trouble. Waterproofing is a feature that only expensive GPS watches for kids have but it is an important feature that you should look for when buying a kids smart watch.

· Photo and Video Cameras
Nearly every GPS watch, whether it’s a 4G GPS android watch or a simple tracker watch for kids has a small camera on it. While a camera might not add much to the safety of your kid, it is a great tool to keep your child in touch with nature and other beautiful things around them.
They can use that camera to capture memories and small moments while playing with their friends. Parents can then upload and store those photos and videos to a computer device. You can tell your kid to take photos of all the places they go to. This way your kid is more likely to remember wearing their GPS watch when leaving the home and stay safe.

· Geofencing
Geofencing is one of the amazing and safest features in GPS watches for kids. Using this feature, you can build a virtual geographic fence around your kid so that he/she doesn’t leave a certain area without your knowledge. Most of the advanced smart watches let you set virtual premises, that send an alert to you if the kid moves out of that boundary. It can be particularly useful if you are out in the park with your young children and you don’t want them to get out of the park on their own.
This is a great feature for parents who want to give their small children the independence to move freely when they go out but don’t want to lose sight of them for their safety. You can give them free rein yet have a knowledge of where they are going and when to stop them.

· Multimedia and Games
Most of the GPS watches for kids have educational and learning games in them which help to keep their minds sharp. Some of those watches even have the option to download more small games which keep them engaged but not too much to make them addicted like video games.
Your child can learn a lot about math, vocabulary, and geography by regularly using their tracker watch. You can connect the kids GPS watch to the internet and let them play games or listen to music. This will prove to be a blessing for you when you are at a doctor’s appointment or a grocery store and your kid is with you. Children need something to keep their minds engaged and a GPS watch will do it perfectly.

· Fitness and Activity Monitor
 Last but not the least, the fitness and activity monitor is another feature that does not play many roles in the safety and protection of your child but it is good for their body and mind. It motivates your kids to move around the house a little bit instead of just watching TV or playing video games all day.
There are different challenges that kids can complete such as the steps they walk every day and different exercises. Kids can set their own goals on their smart watches for how much they would like to exercise each day or each week. It also makes them keep wearing that Bluetooth phonecall watch as they have something to look forward to through the fitness tracker.



With all of these in-built features, a smartwatch is a key to keeping your little ones safe and sound while they are away from you, like out in the street or on the playground. Getting a high-quality kids GPS watch is a small price to pay for the safety of your kids and your peace of mind as a parent.  




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