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Tutorial for solving common issues of Setracker App

by Tiffany YI on March 26, 2022

Using Setracker or Setracker2 can help you control or monitor the smart watch easier. Moreover, there are many functions in the Setracker waiting for you to explore. However, during the usage, you may encounter some issues. Here are some common problems and the methods to fix them.


  1. Authorization problem

Authorization problem often occurs when you bind the watch with the Setracker application. For the safety of your privacy information stored in the application, the first device that binds the watch will be seen as administrator. The subsequent devices that need to bind the watch have to get authorization from the first device. After administrator agrees the request, the subsequent devices will bind the watch automatically and be able to monitor the watch through Setracker application.


  • Method 1: Unbind the first device

If you want to change the authorization device, you can unbind the watch on the first device and bind again on another device.


  • Method 2: Contact us

If you did not bind the watch before or you had already unbound the first device but the authorization window still appears, please contact us to help you reset the watch. We need you to offer the IMEI number of your watch, which you can check it by texting message to the watch.


      2. The device is offline

When you want to change some settings through Setracker, this notification may come into your sight. There are multiple reasons giving rise to this result. Please refer to following steps to figure out which part is wrong and try to solve it:


  • Step 1: Check if the watch lost signal, please try again in open areas.
  • Step 2: Check if the SIM card is in the debts and if you open the data roaming service. You can contact to the SIM card operator for help.
  • Step 3: Check if the IMEI number is correct.

Make sure the IMEI number from parameter is same as the number displayed on the underside of the watch. If the two numbers are different, you need to send a message to the watch to change the IMEI number. The message should be like this: “pw,123456,IMEI,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#” (x represents the number of 15-bit IMEI number displayed on the underside of the watch).

Note: Please make sure the command is typed correctly and do not add spaces in the command.


  • Step 4: Rebind the watch.

You can unbind the watch on the APP and rebind it to see if it works.


  • Step 5: Check the parameters of the watch and check the IP address.

Checking parameters of watch is crucial part of solving problems, helping you get different information about your smart watch. Parameters can show the ID, IMEI, IP address and other information of your watch, please refer to following steps to check it.

First, insert a SIM card in the slot of the watch, and you need to know the number of the SIM card.

Then, send the text message (command) "pw,123456,ts#” to the watch, and you will receive a message including the parameters of the watch a few minutes later.


(Pic 1)

Note: please make sure the command is correct and do not add spaces in the command.

Check the IP address from parameter and make sure the area you choose when you register a Setracker account is right. The IP address is the url number plus the port number. If your area is wrong, please sign up a new account and choose the right Region according to the IP address.


IP address:

Hong Kong,8001#

Europe and Africa,8001#,9003#

Asia and Australia,8001#,9003#

North America,8001#

South America,8001#

 (Chart 1)


  • Step 6: Set up APN of the watch.

In some countries, customers need to set up APN of the watch to let it access to GPRS network. Contact to SIM card operator to get the APN specific information. The APN name, user name, password, MCC and MNC are necessary. You should send this command message to your watch: "pw,123456,apn,APN name,user name,password,MCCMNC#”. For example, if your apn name is wap.tmobil.cl, user name is wap, password is wap, MCC is 730 and MNC is 02, the command should be like this: "pw,123456,apn,wap.tmobil.cl,wap,wap,73002#”. If user name and password is null, the command should be like this: ”pw,123456,apn,wap.tmobil.cl,,,73002#”. The APN will be set successfully after you receive a reply from your watch. Reboot the watch and try some functions with the Setracker application.


  • Step 7: Change another SIM card.

You can change another SIM card to see if the issue is fixed.


  •  Step 8: Contact us.

If the aforementioned methods are not suitable for your situation, please contact us.

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by Iurii on February 10, 2023

I am trying to register the watch but it says that awaiting authorization from the administrator. I am the second owner, but how could I fix it since I could not contact first owner to apptov it.
What do you need from my side?


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