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Top Eight Reasons You Should Get Your Child a Smartwatch

by Tiffany YI on September 02, 2022


We live in a world of technology. Tech gurus are always developing gadgets, apps and systems to make the world a better place. They also want to make your work easy and fun by developing agile systems that can perform multiple functions.


The kids are not left out, either. For a hands-on parent like you, gadgets that will make parenting better and fun, like GPS watches for kids, is definitely an accessory that you should consider. Have you heard about smartwatches already? You may have come across it but probably tossed the idea of buying one for your child. "She has too many gadgets already." You said silently.


That could be true, but a GPS watch is not any other gadget. It’s one of those gadgets that will make your parenting journey fun and engaging. Let's delve into the top reasons why you should get your child a kid’s tracker watch.


1. Safety

The world has become one dangerous space for us all. We are constantly faced with child traffickers, kidnappers and perverts; thus, making safety for your child paramount. You do all you can and within your power to offer a safe environment to your child. Unfortunately, the measures you take may not always be adequate.


 The good news is that technology has stepped in to offer you the backup you require for your child’s safety. GPS watches for kids are designed with security features that guarantees your child's safety. The watches have a tracking feature to help monitor your child’s movement, wherever she is, whether at school, or home. You can comfortably see their activity and movement.


 The watch is connected to your phone and will send real-time alerts on all your child’s movements. The watch has geo maps too, and will send you an alert in case your child seems to be moving away from the marked areas such as school, play area or away from home.


If the child is in danger, she can press a button on the watch that will automatically send a distress signal to you. You can quickly check your child’s location and act promptly through GPS coordinates. Always get a security backup if you feel the situation is dangerous. This will protect you and the child. Isn't it a great way to keep tabs on your child’s activities?


2. Waterproof

Kids have a high affinity for water. These little ones will use any available opportunity to interact with water. They can even run to a pool of water given a chance. Probably this will be your greatest worry when you think about getting a smartwatch for your child. We have good news for you.

The developers knew this already and developed waterproof GPS watches for kids. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about water. Your child can enjoy a swimming session with her watch intact. They can even go for water splash fun activities with friends without spoiling the watch.


3. Discourage harmful content

Gadgets are a great way of encouraging a child to understand technology. Children, unfortunately, misuse cellphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets. Parents have a busy schedule due to the demands of current work pressures. Thus, engaging children has become quite an uphill task. Therefore parents have left children exposed to technology through their cellphones or tablets.


Unfortunately, they come across uncensored content such as pornographic material. In other cases, they fall prey to perverts who are always searching the internet for innocent children. On the flip side, investing in a children's GPS watch cushions her against such dangers. The watch has a versatile interface which can keep your child engaged and away from the harmful continent.


4. Promote a healthy lifestyle.

What does your child do during school holidays or on long weekends? Sit and watch cartoon all day while snacking.  Sounds familiar? The results? An obese child and a T.V addict who cannot engage in any other activity unless pushed. Such problems of modern-day parenting are not unique to you. It’s a global problem.


The good news is that you can encourage your child to engage in physical activity without making it look like punishment. The secret? Buy her a GPS watch and see how this accessory will reduce screen time. How? You ask? The watch comes with a motion memory which you can use to check your child’s overall movements during the day. Encourage your child to walk within designated and controlled areas or climb up and down the staircase several times.


Set targets together for the distance they can cover during the day. If the targets are achieved, use positive reinforcement such as presents to encourage them do even better. Remember to balance this with their screen time to avoid boredom.


Develop a different set of physical activities your child can engage in during the day. It could even be some little bit of gardening, watering plants or even cycling. That way, your child will avoid using telephones and tablets all the time as they will enjoy the new set of activities. Remember to get new weekly activities, especially during long school holidays.

5. It helps you keep in touch.

New parents find it difficult to concentrate at work, especially first-time mums. You are always worried about the safety of your child. It’s quite ok to feel that way. With the introduction of kids’ tacker watches, you don’t have to worry anymore.


 The GPS smartwatch comes with a sim card, and you can call her through the watch, especially in cases where she does not have a phone. So when you feel anxious about your child’s safety, give her a call and find out what she is up to. You can also teach her how to send you a text message if she needs to talk to you.


6. Develop creativity

Kids love fun and engaging activities. As they engage in these activities, they stimulate their brains to think and work independently. That’s why play is an integral part of a child’s development. The smart watches for kids come with various fun games that can keep your child engaged and active. Engaging in fun activities keeps your child entertained and helps her develop motor skills.


7. Master technology skills

Technology is shaping the world in all spheres of life. Helping your child develop technology skills will give them a head start. The simple interface of the smartwatch will help your child learn a few technical skills. For instance, training her to check the memory map of her movement, engaging in fun games or simply answering your call from the smartwatch is a great step toward exposing her to technology.


8. Parental control

Controlling the kind of content that your child consumes is not easy. The media has also not made it easy for you either. Adverts pop in that do not have the right content for your child, even in regulated programs. The good news about a smartwatch is that the control is in your hands. You decide the kind of content your child will see even in your absence. You can also decide who calls your child through the watch by only saving selected contacts.


 Any unsaved contacts will be automatically rejected. Doesn’t that give you peace of mind? During school hours, you can always mute the watch. This gives your child full concentration in class and ensures nothing distracts her. Sync the watch with her timetable so that you have alerts when she is free so that you can talk or send that reassuring text message of, “I love you baby."

The final shot?

Smartwatches are a great way of checking on your child, especially when you are not around. It’s a gadget that will give you absolute peace of mind. The advantages are endless, from encouraging your child to play and engage in physical activity and develop her technical skills to communicating. And you know what? You don’t have to spend too much to get one.


 They come in different price ranges to suit your budget. Take the time to shop for one and get GPS watch that suits your budget. For a great user experience, remember to check reviews before purchasing one. Reviews will guide you on what to buy within your budget and will help you get value for money. Let us know how your child is enjoying it once purchased, wouldn't you?



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