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Time to choose a Christmas gift

by Tiffany YI on October 17, 2022
  1. Christmas sales
  2. Introduction of CT01
  3. Videoof Unboxing CT01 kids smart watch


Christmas Sales:

Priorities when you order CT01,

  1. One pc free screen protector
  2. Replacement straps available at half price
  3. One free kid’s bracelet (order quantity≥ 10)


Introduction of CT01

The standby time is greatly improved

  1. The low energy consumption of CT01 makes it standby much longer than 4G Android series watches. You can use CT01 to make calls, videocalls, and GPS positioning for a whole week without charging worry.
  2. Since the battery is a general concern of the kid’s smart watch, with the same battery, the CT01's usage time can be doubled, and it can last for 220 hours.


Upgraded version of 2G watch

Appropriate is the best. People love Wonlex 2G watches, and customers in many countries still use 2G watches. Why we choose to replace the 2G watch with the CT01 series watch, the  reasons are as follows.

  1. With the popularization of the 4G network, some countries no longer use the 2G network, which shows that 2G products are destined to be gradually replaced. The CT01 is a 4G watch that has been upgraded in many waysbased on the 2G watch. For instance, CT01 uses 4G VoLTE, which is better than 2G watches in terms of the information transmission rate.
  2. As we all know, 2G watches do not support video calls, while CT01 uses a 0.3MP camera, video calls respond quickly and run stably. You can use the video call wheneveryou want to see your child, using audio-visual communication instead of voice communication.
  3. The price of CT01 is basically the same as that of 2G watches, even lower than some 2G watches. In contrast, 4G Android watches are generally more than 10 US dollars higher. Through the above comparison, we can know that the price advantage of CT01 is significant.


Product appearance

  1. CT01 uses a transparent case, and the case comes with a fine flash effect.
  2. The watch case is detachable and replaceable, and Wonlex offers a variety of straps as options.
  3. The card tray is screwless, making it easier for users to use the watch.


Product Features

  1. CT01 supports GPS+AGPS+LBS+WiFi positioning, more accurate and more secure.
  2. The daily functions of the watch include the alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, etc.
  3. The entertainment section is traditional math
  4. A portable pedometer to keep your body alive.


Excellent user feedback and strong potential

At present, CT01 has users in many countries around the world and has achieved hot distribution in many regions. Affordable prices and useful features are highly regarded in Southeast Asia. Whether you want a reliable smartwatch or start your smartwatch business, the CT01 is a good choice. Anyway, Wonlex is continuing to launch the CAT1 series of watches, keep up with us.


Video of Unboxing CT01 kids smart watch

The following is the latest unboxing video about the CT01 watch posted by our customer Daren Lee on Youtube. After watching it, you will be able to have a more intuitive understanding of CT01.

Unboxing Wonlex kids smart watch CT01- Daren Lee


Festivals are important days in life that are memorable. If you want to prepare a Christmas gift for your child, CT01 can be a great choice. On the one hand, a smart watch can achieve a fun, and on the other hand, it can shorten the distance between you and your child. As we said, Wonlex brings the family closer.


Christmas is just around the corner, just join us for a Christmas party!


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