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There is no "Sound Guardian" item or it does not work

by Tiffany YI on September 08, 2022



  1. Why is there no Sound Guardian?
  2. What should you do?
  3. Sound Guardianshould appear
  4. Sound Guardiandoesn't work
  5. If nothing worked


Why is there no Sound Guardian? 

If after registration you do not have a "Sound Guardian" item, wait about a day until the watch completes the synchronization of all functions with the application.

You will need to take additional steps to complete the synchronization successfully.


What should you do?

To complete the synchronization process, do the following:


  1. In the application settings, go to the "SMS Alerts" section and fill in the "Enter your phone number" field. Enter your phone number without the country code and click "Save". For example, 16111222333 or 891112223


  1. Log out of the app on ME by clicking "Sign Out" and then log in again.


Sound Guardian should appear

After a day, the Sound Guardian item will appear in the application settings.


Sound Guardian not working

When the Sound Guardian does not work and the watch does not call back the parents, make sure that the phone number is entered in the correct format.


Enter your phone number without the country code. For example, 16111222333 or 89111222333.

If nothing helped

If this advice does not help, contact your seller and ask to fix the problem or ask us questions. https://www.iwonlex.net/contact-us/


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