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Myth and Facts About Smartwatch

by Tiffany YI on September 02, 2022



New technologies compete with old ones—for time, for attention, for money, for prestige, but mostly for dominance of their world-view

Neil Postman


During this century, people are relying on technology. Technology enables and influences how people enact their self identities. Technology also changes how people interact with one another, enabling the possibilities of new types of community while simultaneously shaping the development and evolution of extant social groups. And finally, technology changes how people interact with the wider natural environment. (Berthon et al., 2005)


One of the newly invented technologies is the smartwatch. Because of their small size, smartwatches are dominating the wearable ecosystem. Smartwatches usually connect with smartphones to synchronize the notification like incoming calls, e-mail messages, and notifications from applications. That is why, when you have a smartwatch, it feels like you have the future right on your wrist. You don’t need to be worried about being left behind or outdated with the latest news because, with a smartwatch, the news moves with you.


The recent smartwatch is even able to do a phone call or video call. Smartwatch is a mini smartphone that can be operated through a touch screen, physical buttons, or a combination of the two. More than just a communication device, the smartwatch is also popular with its health function like pedometers and heart-rate monitors.


As a high demand wearable because of their affordability and easy access, smartwatches have some rumors and myths that are spread around the market. In this article, we will break down several rumors and try to help you determine whether it is a facts or just a myth based on what the experts said.


  1. Pulsar Time Computer Calculator is the first smartwatch (Fact)

During the year of late 1970 - 1980, there was a fashion trend of smartwatch-like, named Calculator Watch. This watch even appeared on the cover of The Police's single, Wrapped Around Your Finger. Pulsar Time Computer Calculator is a calculator watch that is believed as the first model concept of a smartwatch. Back at that time, the usage of calculator watches is a cool indication that the users are geeky.

Unlike nowadays smartwatches that are supported with touchscreen, Pulsar has some small buttons to operate it. Now you are probably thinking about how we can operate those small little buttons. Well, Pulsar produces their calculator watch along with the stylus pen to help user operate it.

  1. Smartwatch can show the exact body temperature (Myth)

Apologize to say that even if a smartwatch has a body temperature sensor, it might not work as exact as a medical thermometer that you placed on your forehead or armpit because the wrist doesn’t show the real body temperature, and the smartwatch sensor might be distracted by the room or the temperature outside body. But a smartwatch can be your early notice if you have a fever. Smartwatches might not give you the exact number, but they are good enough to tell if there is something wrong with your body temperature. In addition, there is a little trick that you can do with the thermometer setting on the smartwatch. The first time you buy your smartwatch, you can check the number that your smartwatch read compared to the actual number. By knowing the difference, you can set the alert for unusual temperatures based on the ratio that you have checked before.

So, in conclusion, with their own limitation, smartwatches are able to track and detect the body and health conditions. Even during the pandemic of Covid-19, the usage of a smartwatch is helpful in detecting the early symptoms of Covid-19, based on the research conducted by the IEEE Sensors council.

  1. Smartwatches are expensive (Myth)

Talking about price is always tricky. We cannot easily determine if the thing is expensive or cheap just based on the numbers. There is a lot to be reviewed. It is not only about the price but also the value and function of the product, especially electronic devices.

Smartwatches might seems expensive in numbers, but we are confident to say that they are worth the price. First of all, if we compare a smartwatch to an ordinary watch, of course, there will be a huge price gap. Smartwatches are supported with biometric data and location as their main feature. It also brings more convenience and flexibility compared to a smartphone. Depending on the urgency and budget, smartwatches can be affordable. Nowadays, many manufacturers like Wonlex produce different kinds of a smartwatch at various prices so that they can be in more markets of society.

  1. Kids are too young to wear smartwatches (Myth)

Smartwatches are a popular wearable device among adults and seniors, but that doesn't mean that kids are not allowed to wear smartwatches. With the right features, kids are not too young to wear a smartwatch. Even we encourage schools and preschools to provide smartwatches for their students. Smartwatch is the solution for parents and their children to have phone features with less distraction. The design of smartwatches is also easy to be worn with children that are more comfortable and easy to carry with less risk of losing. Children's smartwatch usually has the special feature to have a maximum location tracker to help parents locate their children because we all know how active children are when they are playing.

If you are still worried about the usage of a smartwatch for children, parents can always have a setting on which app to appear at the dock. Of course, there is still a need to have a systematic evaluation of smartwatches to be effectively worn by children and also adults for a better experience.

  1. Smartwatch can work without a smartphone (Fact)

It is true that most smartwatches only work when they have a smartphone around them. It is true that smartwatches will work more effectively with a linked smartphone. But It is not true that a smartwatch cannot work without a smartphone. If you look and do more research on smartwatch manufacturers, there are a lot of smartwatch companies, like Wonlex Smartwatch, that produce smartwatches with SIM Card and 4G connections to make them able to work without the connectivity of smartphone or wifi.

In some cases, even smartwatches work better and are more efficient compared to the smartwatch, especially when the users need a lot of movement and mobility like having exercise, driving, dancing, party, and many more. Besides, it is also fashionable to wear.



With those explanations, we do hope that it will give you some insights to understand about smartwatch more. But if you want to know more about the smartwatch, kindly go to our blog page to see more articles from us.


Wonlex Smartwatch

If you are looking for a unique yet functional smartwatch, the Wonlex smartwatch is your best bet. Wonlex offers several types of smartwatches starting from 2G until 4G with various styles from colorful, trendy, and elegant. The number of products and designs can be seen on Wonlex’s website. If you are still not really satisfied with the provided design, don’t worry cause Wonlex is always open and innovative with new design ideas. Or even better, you can also inquire a tailored smartwatch based on the preferred design that you have made.


All products from Wonlex are provided with a GPS tracker and fitness or health tracker like heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress levels, breathing, sleep quality, and might be, menstrual cycles for 24/7 that can connect with any smartphone, either apple or android operational system. Smartwatches are not the only product of Wonlex. Other than smartwatches, Wonlex also manufactures smart bracelets and mini phones that can be used by parents, children, grandparents, and even pets in order to provide safety and convenience for whole family members.


There are three essential features of the Wonlex smartwatch that you need to know about. They are GPS location, alerts, and communication. With the GPS location, you can track anyone who brings or wear the device. The alert function allows you to be updated with the latest notification. This can also be a healthy alert, timing alert, reminder, or anything that you can set up. And the last is communication that is not limited to text messages, but Wonlex smartwatch also allows you to have a voice call or even video call.


Wonlex is China’s leading GPS smartwatch manufacturer with OEM and ODM services; you can order the smartwatches with your brand logo on them. For over the years, Wonlex has been providing smartwatches for mainland China and other overseas partners of electronic brands and electronic retailers.




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