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Features to look at before buying GPS watches

by Tiffany YI on October 08, 2022



The evolution of the internet and technology has given rise to various crimes. Child Kidnapping and atrocities have become undeniable truths of the present times. But do you know the world is not as scary a place as it is thought to be? Yes, with the launch of kids' GPS watches, parents can keep a tab on their child whereabouts and ensure their safety. These watches have relieved the parents, and they have become less anxious about the safety and security of the children. Many parents are dropping the idea of buying smartphones; instead, they are turning to these smartwatches. But before finding the best kids tracker watch, look at the below-mentioned features.


  1. It should have the features of a smartphone.


When you buy a smartwatch or GPS watch for your kid, ensure that it has all the smartphone's features. So, you don't need to stack your phone in their pocket. Moreover, the good kids' GPS watch has a GSM SIM card inserted. With this, you can learn about your child's location and be aware of what is happening in the child's surroundings.


  1. It should be able to track the kids.


The kids' GPS watches should not be restricted to voice calls or text messages. They should be able to track what is happening around the child and provide real-time updates. 


  1. These watches come with an auto-feature answer.


The GPS watches for kids come equipped with auto-feature answers. The feature is necessary for those parents whose kids are too small to answer the questions. 


  1. These watches should provide real-time updates.


Imagine you are in a shopping mall with your kid, and suddenly you become so engrossed in your shopping that you leave the child behind, or what if the child is tempted to the chocolates or toys section? They go there without informing you, and you suddenly realize the child is nowhere to be found. You yell, but you don't get a response. Even thought of it can send a shiver down your spine. But you don't have to worry because kids' GPS watches can assist you. These watches will lower your stress and give you real-time information about your kids.


  1. It should have emergency and SOS features.


Even though you might never want your child to get into trouble, sometimes creeping problems can arise, and your child might have to face them. So, who will come to the rescue in those challenging times? Yes, you heard it right 4G GPS Android watch. These watches come with emergency and SOS alerts that alert the parents when the child is in danger and they need to take action immediately. But as a parent, you should explain the feature to your child and when they need to press it.


  1. The watches should be able to track and record the children's activities to ensure their healthy lifestyle.


A good GPS watch should be enabled with features that can record your child's physical activities. The kids tracking device should be able to keep a tab on the child's steps and other activities they perform during the day. It will ensure that your kids remain healthy, fit, and active throughout the day in every possible way. Even keeping an eye on them is relaxing. 


  1. These watches will predefine the safety radius of your child.


Is your child out or in the middle of the road? The kids' GPS watch can predefine the safety radius for them. For example, if your child crosses that predefined radius, an instant notification will be sent to you on your mobile phone, and thereby you can take action.


  1. They should be less expensive.


The main motive for buying a GPS watch is to know the children's whereabouts, but such devices should not cost an arm and a leg. So another remarkable feature to look into is these watches should be less expensive than a smartphone.


  1. The watches should have good battery life.


The GPS watches for kids should have upgrades and features like good battery life, and it should automatically put itself in sleep mode when no one updates the location. Furthermore, it should provide you with accurate GPS and other location updates. 


  1. They should encourage your child to walk.


Besides providing life-saver features, the kids' tracker watch should stimulate your child to walk and playfully do other exercises. They will count the steps in a day, and as a reward, your child will get coins. This way, your kids will be encouraged to walk.


  1. The children should be able to call their relatives and send text messages.


The tracker watch should have a SIM card that can help your kids to call their friends and family members even without a phone. The children can also send text messages or photos to the prescribed contacts. And the beauty of the watch is your child will neither receive any unwarranted messages from strangers nor can they send them. So your child will stay safe. 


  1. It comes with fun features.


While it is a safety gadget for the parents, it provides a host of entertainment features to your kids. Various GPS-enabled smartwatches allow the children to play games like snake and ladder, ludo, etc., with these watches. Through it, they can also take photos and send them to relatives. The designs and displays are attractive and resonate with the child's tastes. So, your kid will never say no to these watches.


  1. They have in-built GPS features.


A good children's smartwatch has GPS-enabled features; you can track the child's location with the app. The feature is highly useful if your child is playing outside, in a mall, or at school. This feature lets you know the exact child's location and stay in touch with them.


  1. It should have another feature- Bluetooth calling features.


The Bluetooth phone call watch lets your watch do the calling. It means that you will not only receive notifications on your smartwatch, but it has an inbuilt speaker and microphone. The Bluetooth smart watch with a call function eliminates the requirements of the smartphone. You will enjoy a hands-free calling experience which is extremely convenient for the kids.


The main difference between a Bluetooth calling smartwatch and a regular Bluetooth watch is the former has integrated calling functions, which means they act like a smartphone on a speaker. And you will get alerts and notifications when your child attends the call. While Bluetooth smartwatch also allows you to attend the call through an earpiece which is not convenient for kids and does not provide a seamless calling experience.


  1. A good GPS watch signals when a child leaves a particular area


If your kid is small and has gone outside to play with their friends, you might remain stressed about their location, but a good Bluetooth smart watch puts these worries at bay. They have pre-installed GPS trackers that signal you when your child leaves a particular area. You can set that area on the app on the phone. 


Other features that a good GPS watch should have


  • They should have a high OLED display for clear viewing.
  • The watch should be able to record the history of activities of your child.
  • It should be available on the Android platform.
  • They should come with an SOS Phone alert facility.
  • It should have GPS location and real-time tracking facilities.
  • To ensure additional safety, they should have a voice monitoring facility, which means when the phone number is confirmed, the watch will automatically call.
  • It should have a pedometer.
  • It should have two-way phone call facilities.
  • The watch should have a GEO fence safety feature.
  • It should come with alarm features.
  • It should have a remote shutdown feature.
  • The watch should also have no disturbing in-school feature, which helps the kids to stay focused on their studies.


Bottom Line

These are some features to consider before buying 4 GPS Android smartwatches for the kids. These features will keep your child safe from the dangers when playing outside with friends, and you don't have to keep an eye on them. In addition to that, your child will get a digital hands-on experience in a fun way. These features will also keep you stress-free and relaxed, and what’s more, they are less costly than a smartphone.



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