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Do kids Really Need A Smartwatch?

by Tiffany YI on September 22, 2022

"It's been three hours since my little one went out to play. Where could she be? Is it time to buy her a smartphone so that I can track her whereabouts?" Being a parent of an elementary school kid comes with the constant worry of getting hold of and tracking your child when she is out. There is the convenience of getting in touch with kids 24/7 but do parents need to buy their little ones' smartphones that come with their own cons?


Why are Smartphones Not Good for Kids?


Designed to be used by adults, Smartphones aren't meant for kids. Technology's downsides are scary, from overexposure to the internet via social media to becoming vulnerable to child predators.

  1. Cyber Bullying:Bullying isn't just a playground thing anymore. It happens online and happens over digital platforms every other day. Why is it so harmful, though? Because it's hidden, you don't know when and who sends your kids to mean and bullying messages, comments, or inappropriate images. What impact can this unknown bullying have on kids? Parents can well imagine and take every possible step to avoid such terrible consequences.
  2. Exposure to Unwanted Material:Although it may seem that way, our kids are not old enough to navigate the dangers of social media and the internet. The advice to limit screen time for children is nothing new, and it makes sense when you watch what media games, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have your kids exposed to 24/7. From being the popular star among your peers online to getting a fake, superficial sense of body image and life, kids are under a lot of pressure if they become part of this invisible virtual community.
  3. Vulnerability to Crime: Who has not dealt with scam calls leading toidentity and money theft? Or random strangers who think it's okay to send inappropriate images to little children. Do we want our kids dealing with that? We don't want to imagine this one, but something as serious as kids falling prey to child predators, too; who can easily hack/track your child's location? Could a kid's GPS Watch be a solution in that case? Let's find out!
What is a Kids Smart Watch, and Why do Kids (really Parents) Need It?

Labeled as the best first device for little ones, the best smartphone alternative, the Kids SmartWatch is here to stay. Why do you ask? It's hard not to see the upsides. Blocked age-inappropriate social media websites, simple and easily handled by kids, quirky designs and colors, and durability, are only a few of the several advantages of a Kids Tracker Watch. Let us now explore the features these kids' smartwatches offer and how they will make the lives of both kids and parents easier in the long run.

  1. Easy-Peasy: The Kids Smart Watch comes in the simplest of designs, so they are easy to use, for kids, with basic functions to operate. Simple large screen with minimal tabs for the kids to use. Also, blocked social media sites help kids avoid unwanted material they would otherwise be exposed to on the internet. These watches are easily operated by kids and parents alike, as the parents would need to set up and customize the watches for their kids per their tracking and navigation requirements.
  2. Tracking Made Easy: This Kids tracker watch makes it easy for parents to keep track of their kids whenever they head out. Some of these 4G GPS Android watches also has the video calling feature. Apart from the calling function, which is also the main feature of a smartphone, the Kids tracker watch has a GPS tracker, making it easy for the parents to check where their children are or where they went earlier. Parents can even program the Kids GPS watch to receive customizable updates in real-time.
  3. SOS mode for Safety and Security:"Trouble is my kid's middle name." And we know it is better not to panic all the time. But, sometimes, kids can get in real danger, and SOS mode is here to the rescue for those times. Just a push of a button on your Kids Smart Watch will make calls to all emergency contacts you enter in your Kids GPS watch. Features like 'Geo-fencing' go a step further in ensuring your kids' safety by setting up safe zones (like home, school, friends' places, etc.) for them. This brings peace of mind to parents by informing them that their kids have reached safe destinations in real time.
  4. Reduced Screen Time: Parents these days are constantly struggling to keep their little children off screens. Screens have penetrated our lives, and it is hard to stay away from them, let alone keep kids from staring at the blue light 24/7. Since kids love this amazing gadget tied to their wrists, they are more likely to spend less time on their iPads, iPhones, and Macs. It also helps kids fight distraction which is a given if they have smartphones tucked in their pockets, not to mention the radiation risk.
  5. Early Awareness of Fitness: It is much easier to teach kids to stay fit and track their fitness journey than to do it for an adult. Early awareness of their body and its fitness goes a long way for the little ones. A kids Smart Watch has a great role because kids inherently like gadgets, and a watch is a cool piece of equipment to play and learn with. Features like a Pedometer, sleep tracker, and activity log help kids understand the concepts of mental and physical health very early on. And if we as parents can track that on a Kids GPS watch, I would call it a win-win.
  6. Durable: Kids break stuff; that's what they do. A kid's Smart Watch made with a wristband using sturdy material like silica gel is considered strong and soft (read comfortable) for kids. A water-resistant Kids tracker watch could be a great option, too, considering kids jump into pools and bathtubs frequently. Considering guarantees, replacement policy, and the brand are important criteria for choosing a durable Kids Smart Watch.
  7. Cost Effective: Smartphones are popular among kids, but they are expensive, and with most kids' smartwatches offering numerous features that both kids and parents love, it is much better to opt for smartwatches instead of phones. Safety features, lack of internet, and many other incredible characteristics discussed above can make a Kids Smart Watch a much cooler and loaded option for kids to enjoy and parents to live carefreely. Parents can consider it an investment for their peace of mind.

Loaded with heavy features and a healthier option for kids, considering the dreaded world of social media has become off-late, a Kids Smart Watch is not only a cool piece of equipment but an investment for the long term. Being user-friendly for kids and parents, helping children understand the need for staying fit and connected, and letting parents live a panic-free life while their kids are out there having fun makes the Kids GPS watch priceless. Most smartwatches come with an in-built Bluetooth feature. Even Bluetooth smartwatches that can be set up for easy connectivity with other home devices are a cool option in the category.

Parents do not want their kids distracted with phones, exposed to screens, online bullying, and unwanted imagery, and vulnerable to safety and security challenges kids may encounter when they head out for school, co-curricular activities, or play-dates with their besties. So, for parents considering monitoring their kids' movement, whereabouts, and real-time location, a kids smartwatch is a better option when compared to smartphones. And as they say it, THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE!



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