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Dinoplay Bluetooth Headset

by Anders Yao on December 28, 2021

Lately, we’re going to release a series of products that are designed only for children and we named this series Dinoplay. The biggest joy is playing, as our slogan for Dinoplay, is our best wish to bring joy to all kids.

DP10, a Bluetooth headset, is the first product of this series. It contains two different colors: teddy pink and teddy blue. The two kinds of headsets have teddy bears imprinted on headsets’ two sides with green color embellishing the headphones, which make their overall design more harmonious and pretty. Our headset is one of circumaural earphones. Therefore, we use a soft sponge material with leather covering as earmuff to make kids feel comfortable while enjoying the music. As for the headband designed with a telescopic structure, kids can adjust the length of the band to fit their heads.


There are three modes that kids can choose: Bluetooth mode, FM mode and TF mode. Bluetooth mode allows kids to play the music transferred from the phone, FM mode allows kids to search the FM signal to listen to the radio show, and TF mode allows kids to play the music that is saved on the TF card with the precondition that the TF card is inserted in the headset.

After the headset is turned on, it will automatically enter into the Bluetooth mood. The Bluetooth version of our headset is Version 5.0 and its working distance range is 10 meters. Kids can go anywhere within a range of 10 meters from the Bluetooth device without being limited by wire. And if kids want to connect to some devices that do not contain the Bluetooth function, like a computer, they can also use the Aux-in cable to connect. And the Aux-in cable is one of the complimentary accessories included in the package.

To change into the FM mode, kids need to short press the M button. After switching into this mode, kids can short press the on/off button for one time to search the FM signal and it will save the available FM broadcast channel automatically. Once the kids switch into the FM mode again, it will play from the first saved channel.

If the headset did not insert a TF card, kids can only switch the mode from Bluetooth mode to FM mode. Only with the headset inserting a TF card, the TF mode is available. Under this mode, the headphone will play the music stored in the TF card in sequence.

 “The beautiful thing is, music can be like a time machine. One song- the lyrics, the melody, the mood- can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can.” We hope children can make an unparalleled and precious journey with our Bluetooth headset and revoke this greatness once they wear it on their head.



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