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Best Watch Recommendations for Kids

by Canace LIU on January 08, 2022


Welcome to our Dinesaw store, which is a store specially set up for kids. Parents always want to give their kids the best and we Dinesaw are committing to launch more high-quality and multifunctional products that are loved by kids. Hope you can purchase the best gift for your kids in our store, and to improve your experience without being dazzled by very diverse products, we have four different kinds of kids’ watches to recommend to you.

Wonlex 2G Smart Watch -- KT09

KT09 is one of the 2G smart watches with GPS tracking. With a clear interface and easy-to-use operating system, it’s the best 2G smart watch choice for kids.


  • Real-time location: With the three locationmodes GPS+LBS+WIFI, parents can monitor kids’ location to ensure kids is in a safe circumstance.
  • SOS: long-press the power button for 3 seconds, the watch will automatically call the SOS numbers set in the Setracker orderly for 2 times untilthe call is picked up. And if parents open the SMS alerts function and the watch is under GPS signal, parents’ phone will receive an SMS with the content of the kids’ GPS location.  
  • Waterproof: With IP67 waterproof level, the watch can prevent the water from ordinary living. Parents don’t need to worry about the watch being broken by water.
  • Pedometer: To monitor kids’health, the watch can record the number of steps that kids walk in a day. And in Setracker, parents can get the data of energy and distance. Those data can objectively show if kids’ amount of exercise is up to the standard.
  • Other commonfeatures: 2-ways calling, chat, alarm, camera, gallery, math games,  


Wonlex 4G Smart Watch KT20 series

Compared with the 2G watch, our 4G smart watches have more functions. 2G watch can locate through WIFI but it can’t connect WIFI to transfer the data, but it is available with 4G watch. Not only with that, but 4G watch also allow a video call between parents and kids. And if you are disoriented by all kinds of 4G watches, we recommend that you can choose the KT20 series for your kids. This series of products have the same motherboard with different straps. Order several straps and your kids can wear a new watch every day.

  • Location: Those four locationmodes GPS+AGPS+LBS+WIFI can help parents monitor the location of the kids.
  • Video call: 4G watch allows parents to make a video call with kids through Setracker. Even your kids are not around you, you can still see their faces through the watch.
  • APP store: Kids can download more applications in the app store. At present, kids can download WhatsApp, Line, calculator, calendar, and translator. And parents can decide whether download those applications or not with Setracker.   
  • Music and video player: 4G watch operating system version is Android4, supporting playing music and video. Parents can download some educational files for kids to listen to and watch.
  • Bump friends: Kids who have the same watch can add friends through the bump friends function. They can communicate with each other after they bump their watches.
  • Other commonfeatures: IP67 waterproof level, pedometer, SOS, wallpaper changing, 2-ways calling, chat, alarm, camera, gallery, math games, rewards, etc.

Wonlex 4G CAT1 Smart WatchCT15

As a CAT1 watch, CT15 has its own merits. Compared with the CAT4 watch, CAT1 watch can stand by for a longer time and it contains most of the functions of the CAT4 watch, at a very reasonable price.


  • Location: Three locationmodes GPS+ LBS+WIFI help parents get real-time location of kids.
  • Video call: CT15 also supports making a video call, but it has to be usedwith data roaming for it does not support transferring data through WIFI.
  • Pedometer: This function can show the kids’steps to reflect if the kids’ daily exercise is enough.
  • Other commonfeatures: IP67 waterproof level, SOS, 2-ways calling, chat, alarm, camera, album, math games, stopwatch, calculator, rewards, etc.


Dinesaw Bluetooth Smart WatchHT7

We sell many kinds of Bluetooth smart watch, and the HT7 is our recommendation to you. Bluetooth smart watch generally support many kinds of health monitoring, so is HT7.


  • Health: HT7 supportsmonitoring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and  It will record these data for one day in the Smart Life application.
  • Exercise mode: HT7 watch has 8 exercise modes: walk, running, riding, badminton, basketball, football, hiking, jumping. Under different modes, the caloriescalculation method is different, so is the calorie consuming.
  • Sleep monitor: HT7 can track how well your kidssleep at night, it will record the deep sleep, light sleep, awake time and parents can get your kids’ sleep trends data from the Smart Life application.
  • Reminderassistant: Parents can set a regular time interval to remind kids to drink water, take medicine, or stretch body when they burn the planks.
  • Other commonfeatures: IP67 waterproof watch, alarm clock, stopwatch, camera, call/message reminder, find watch, date, and 12H/24H time display.


Setrackerthe best parental monitoring application

Setracker, a monitoring application for watches, can help parents monitor kids’ status. Without Setracker, most of the functions in watch are unavailable, and parents can’t monitor their kids’ state.


After downloading this application on your phone, here are some functions you can use in Setracker.

  • Getthe real-time location and have access to the location history within a certain period.
  • Chat with your kids through the Wechat function and make a video call between phone and watch.
  • Set up a Do Not Disturbtime limit to restrict kids’ access to the watch to make sure your kids are attentive in class.
  • Set up at most three SOS numbers to get your kids’SOS call.
  • Monitor your kids’health and view the steps and calories they had consumed for a day.
  • Take control of some watch settings, for example, app store’s downloading, alarm clock, switch of dial pad and GPS.


There are still many watch functions that are not included in the aforementioned features, purchase one and explore more interesting functions with your kids!




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