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Baby Monitor Camera For security guard

by Tiffany YI on March 01, 2022

Nowadays, more and more home surveillance cameras have entered our homes. There are corresponding types of equipment for different groups of people and unlike needs. Some are used for security and anti-theft, and some are used to care for the elderly and children at home. This article introduces the application of baby monitoring cameras.

To begin with, do we need to install a camera for the baby? If you meet the following conditions, then you can consider installing. You are looking after your baby alone and you need to go out or leave your baby in the room occasionally. Also, the baby is active and in a state of curiosity about everything in the world. Besides, you want to know the learning situation of your baby and make sure they are safe at home in real-time.

Furthermore, how do we choose the camera? On the one hand, we consider whether we need to detect and track the baby’s movement. If the baby is too young to crawl and walk, you can choose HT530. It has a flexible stem that can bend and mount at any angle. You may adjust the camera to the sleeping position of the baby. If the baby wakes up, parents can notice in time. On the other hand, if parents have requirements for high-definition quality, there are 720P and 1080P two options currently.

In addition, it is also a good choice for parents to supervise their children’s studies remotely. On the one hand, with the supervision of parents, the baby’s learning efficiency will be higher. On the other hand, with an invisible companion of parents, the baby feels more secure at home alone.

When it comes to the personal safety of the baby, the baby camera is likely to play a vital role. First, if a stranger or strange objects appear in the picture, the camera can detect and send an alarm message to the parents in time. Second, the baby is at home alone, and when he encounters problems that cannot be solved by himself, he can ask his parents for help in time. Sometimes strangers come to visit, and he can also communicate with his parents by the baby camera.

Next, let us introduce four baby monitor cameras of our company. They are HT288, HT308, HT530, HT638 that are easy to install and set up, with a 355-degree rotatable base. They can be installed in any corner to have a panoramic view of the home. You can view real-time 720P/1080P HD video on your mobile phone. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with your family. 

Once it detects movement or loud sounds, the home surveillance camera will send real-time alerts directly to your smartphone. And the baby camera supports cloud storage and Micro TF card storage that means you can check the previous recording at any time and your files will be safer. Our baby cameras support Android, IOS, ipad, PC and other multi-terminal viewing surveillance images. The two-way cloud monitor can take care of the baby in an all-round way, so that parents can feel at ease.


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