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Are GPS Watches for Kids Necessary?

by Tiffany YI on September 02, 2022

Wondering if you should buy your kid a GPS watch? Our guide can help you clear your doubts as it explores whether or not kid’s GPS watches are necessary. Like many modern devices, GPS watches designed for kids come with several perks. But, they also have their shortcomings.


So, for many parents, the question is, do the positives outweigh the negatives? To answer your question, let’s find out below if getting a GPS watch for kids is necessary.


Why Should I Get A Kids GPS Watch?

You should get a kid GPS watch because of the many useful features they come with. Primarily, these watches are popular among parents because of their tracking ability. As kids tracker watches, they optimize security for your child, even when you are not around.


Most GPS watches allow you to track your child using an app, so you know exactly where they are at all times. Now, with the changing environment in the world, when it comes to security, this feature is useful in ensuring your child remains safe at all times.


But, while giving you peace of mind with their tracking ability, GPS watches for kids are a great way to harness your kid’s independence, confidence, and self-reliance without letting them off the hook completely.


They come with features such as two calling, a built-in camera, and calendars that your kid can take full advantage of. Moreover, with a GPS tracker watch, your kid can walk to school, play out in the yard, and do other independent activities without so much as leaving a speck of worry in your mind.


What is A Kids GPS Watch?

Like a regular GPS watch, a GPS watch for kids is a smartwatch specially designed for children and features an integrated GPS receiver. Usually worn as a wristwatch, a kids' GPS watch comes with various features, including built-in tracking parents can use to know their location at all times via an app.


In fact, one may even think of a GPS watch as a portable, wearable computer. Nonetheless, for many GPS and smartwatch sellers, the key selling point to parents is their tracking ability. Like regular adult watches, GPS watches for kids use GPS technology (with a network of satellites set up in space) to accurately geo-locate the owner (the person wearing it) in real time.


Most watches also come with an activity and time log so you can know exactly where your child was during the day, or even last week or last month. It’s a perfect tool for keeping careful tabs on your child to ensure they are safe.


Key Features of GPS Watches for Kids

Depending on the model you go for, Different GPS watches come with varying features. Mostly, you will either find Wi-Fi, cellular network, or Bluetooth smartwatches. The type of connectivity determines how the watch works.


For example, Bluetooth smartwatches are dependent on Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. But, with most Bluetooth networks having a 100-foot range, they don’t offer extended coverage.


On the other hand, cellular (2G/3G/4G) watches and Wi-Fi watches are dependent on internet connectivity, so they have a much extendable coverage. For example, you can easily connect a kid’s 4G GPS android watch to your android smartphone to use it.


Other key features you will find in a kid’s GPS watch include;

  • GPS tracker and/or LBS tracker
  • SOS button
  • Two-way call communication
  • Built-in camera
  • Calendar and alarm clock


Are GPS Kid’s Watches the Same as Kids Tracker Watches?

GPS Kids watches are the same as kid’s tracker watches. It’s only that the names are used interchangeably. Different GPS watches will have varying designs and features. However, each comes with a GPS technology that gives them a tracking ability – giving them the kid’s tracker watch title.


Pros and Cons of a Kids GPS Watch

Now that you know what exactly a GPS watch is and how it works, the next step is to decide if you should get it for your child. Below, we’ve shared exhaustive pros and cons comparison to help you finally decide whether or not GPS watches for kids are necessary.


Pros of GPS Kids Tracker Watches

  • Tracks your kid’s location in real time – The smartwatchallows you to do so using an app linked to the watch. Ideally, GPS watches linked to cellular networks do a better job than Bluetooth phone call watches as they have an extensive range than the latter. Depending on the app’s features and smart watch’s design, you can enjoy a selection of additional tracking features. These include boundary alerts and automated emergency 911 calls.  Alternatively, some smart watches feature built-in security features, such as SOS buttons your child can push to alert you that they are in trouble.
  • Parental Controls – Some of the setbacks of smartphones is that anyone can get access to your child as long as they have their number. The good news about some smartwatchesis that you can set up parental controls. Parental controls allow you to control who can call your child and even set parameters on what your child can access on the internet. In fact, you can fully limit your child’s access to social media if they are not ready for it yet.
  • Fosters independence – Kid’s tracker smart watches offeryour child a great way to give your kids the independence they need as they grow up. Yet, you don’t have to compromise their safety at all. Smartwatches also help build your child’s self-reliance. For example, the alarm clocks, planners, and alerts some models come with give your kids a great way to plan their activities and learn how to use time more effectively.
  • Fun features – Tracker watches offer a wide range of fun features for your kids to enjoy. These include built-in cameras, on-the-go games, and two-waycall capabilities, to name a few.
  • “Mini-Phones” – You can also find smartwatches with built-in cellular network SIM slots. This means that your kid can use them as a phone. This is a more cost-effective option! The watch is always on their wrists, eliminating the risks of loss or accidental damage. Plus, most kids’ GPS smart watches are cheaper than smartphones.
  • Communication Tracking – If your kid’s smartwatchlacks a built-in cellular SIM slot, you can link them to a smartphone. This allows you to easily track your kid’s communication to ensure they are always safe.


Cons of GPS Kids Tracker Watches

  • Limited tracking –   A GPS watch will let you track your kid’s location in real time. But, that’s as far as it goes. You can really know what exactly your child is doing or even if they are the ones wearing the watch. Nonetheless, it'sbetter than not having any idea about your child’s activity at all.
  • Safety and security issues – Safety and security remainto be the number one concern for parents when it comes to kids' GPS watches. Common issues include their tracking ability. If hacked or information ends up in the wrong person’s hands, a stranger can easily track your child’s location. Other issues associated with security issues include poor accuracy in real time tracking or limited Bluetooth range.
  • Not so cheap – A kid’s GPS watch may be cheaper than a smartphone. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cheap.  You should still expect to spend a significant amount for a good quality GPS smartwatchfor your kid.
  • Limited screen space – Most smartwatchesdesigned for kids offer a pretty simple and navigable interface. However, compared to a standard smartphone, they have a very small screen space. So, they can be tricky, especially for younger kids to use.
  • Limited features – Most kids'GPS smartwatches come with limited features and designs compared to high-end adult GPS watches. For example, most kid’s watches are not water resistant. So, they can easily get damaged when your kid engages in water-related Further, most GPS kids' watches will not last long enough, typically, a year or two.


Way Forward

Investing in a kids' GPS watch is certainly worth it. While they may not be essential, evidently, GPS smart watches for kids come with their perks. In addition to security location tracking, smart watches help foster your kid’s independence, self-reliance, and confidence. Yet, since you’ve identified common disadvantages of owning one, parents can always work to mitigate the risks – although it's impossible to do so completely.



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