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All You Need to Know About Full LCD Writting tablets

by Anders Yao on December 20, 2021


【Size and type】-- This writing board contains 3 sizes: 6.5 inch, 9.5 inch, and 11.5 inch. The writing boards in 9.5 inch and 11.5 inch have 2 types: double-sided full screen and one-sided full screen while 6.5 inch writing board only has the double-sided full-screen type. In different situations, you can choose the right one to use.

【Double-sided full-screen】-- This drawing board is designed with full-screen that 93% of screen area is writable, leaving more space to draw and write. Both sides of the board are writable with separate erase keys, and you can erase one side of the board while leaving the content on the other side.

【Durable and long life span】-- When you write or draw something on the board, the battery is not working. Power consumption only happened when you click the erase key. This writing board can be used for at least one year before the battery wears out. And after the battery is out of power, you can change a new one.

【Eye protection】-- The LCD screen of writing board without blue light or radiation, there is no need to worry about this writing board will damage your sight.

【Lock button】-- This board can be used repeatedly and you can erase the graffiti or writing by clicking the erase key. To avoid false triggering of erasing content, there is a lock button forbidding the erase function. When you turn the lock button to ON, clicking the erase key will not remove the content.

【Magnetic absorption】-- There is a built-in magnet on the front of the board which can suck the stylus tightly to avoid stylus losing.


The writing board can be used in a variety of ways. For children, it’s a graffiti board. For parents, it’s a memo board. And for someone who can’t communicate with others well for their inability to hear and speak, it’s a communication tool to make connections with others.


◑ Graffiti board

This writing board is a perfect gift for children, and children can exercise their brains by drawing paintings. As for the size, we recommend that parents can buy a 9.5 inch or 11.5 inch for children. These two sizes are suitable for kids to draw graffiti or write. With the writing board, children don’t need to use paper to draw. It’s not only an eco-friendly product but also can make the parents do not worry about their children getting dirty by the ink of the markers. And there is no blue light or radiation when you use the board, freeing your child's imagination while protecting their eyes.


◑ Memo board

For memo board used at home by parents, we recommend you can use 11.5 inch one. This board has three built-in magnets. One is on the right side of the board, holding the stylus tightly to avoid stylus losing. And other two built-in magnets are on the backside of the writing board which can help the board attach to a magnetic surface, like a refrigerator. Parents can record some trifles to remind themselves of doing something, like the goods needed to buy at the supermarket. Not only with that, but it can be like a bridge that connects parents with children. Parents and children can leave a message for each other. The message can be a small chat, a reminder, or some words you want to talk but it’s hard to speak out face to face, which can give your life a little surprise.


◑ Communication tool
For communication tool used by people who have problem in hearing and talking, what’s they need is a small and light type that can be taken along with them. Therefore, we recommend the 6.5 inch one. This 6.5 inch writing board is portable, as small as the phone, so it can be taken to everywhere you want. With the magnet on the left side of the board, you don’t have to worry about losing the stylus. Instead of writing on a heavy and hard-to-carry notebook, it’s a better choice to use our 6.5 inch portable and light writing board, which weighs only 80g. To communicate with others, people who can’t speak and hear need to make a great effort that beyond the ordinary’s imagination. And the word is the only method for them to make contact with others. Hope our product can help to communicate with others easier.

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