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8 Reasons Why A Kids Smart Watch is Better Than A Smartphone?

by Tiffany YI on September 21, 2022

Children grow up fast, and before you know it, they ask you to let them be on their own, whether spending time with their friends or a school thing. However, it is not easy for parents to leave them alone without being sure about their safety.
That's when parents buy them smartphones so they can stay in touch with them. But the thing is, smartphones are not good for children, especially those under the age of 10. Around 90% of parents give their kids cell phones so that they can communicate with them whenever they want.
What if there was some other device parents could use to replace cell phones and protect their children from harmful radiation? That's right, and you can buy them a kids GPS watch instead, which acts as a mini smartphone and has many amazing features.

What is A GPS Smart Watch?

Kids tracker watch is a useful device designed to update you on your child's location and to make it easier to stay connected with them without a smartphone. GPS trackers are often worn as accessories such as watches, belts, or bracelets on children's wrists. All GPS watches for kids can be connected to a computer or a mobile device to exchange notifications, text messages, calls, and SOS alerts. GPS trackers for kids is not limit their independence but keep them in sight, so they don't get hurt or lost.
Reasons You Should Buy A GPS Watch for Your Kids Instead of A Phone
Let's explore the top reasons why a GPS watch is better for your kids than a smartphone:

1. GPS Watches Are Less Complex Than Phones
Bluetooth smart watches are relatively easier for kids to use than cell phones, which can be too complex for innocent minds. There are fewer buttons and settings in a smart watch, which makes it simpler for children under the age of 7. They don't have to remember which option does and have fewer chances of messing things up.
The screen of a GPS watch is also pretty small, which is a plus point for parents as there is little exposure to lights emitted by the LED for their little kids. You can get your kids a colorful and advanced watch such as a 4G GPS android watch, and it would still be easier for them to use than a smartphone.

2. You Can Control Who Calls or Texts Your Kids
With cell phones, there is a high risk of cybersecurity and scams, especially in the case of children, because anyone can contact them using the internet. Cell phones give kids access to a wide range of good and bad content, making it harder for parents to ensure their kids don't fall prey to something bad.
However, with a kids GPS watch, you can control who can contact them using calls or text messages. Smart watches for kids have limited options of contacts in the phonebook, which keeps them from getting in touch with criminals or molesters. They can get a call only from their parents or family members and don't have access to social media applications that expose them to harmful content and people.

3. They Perform Most Major Functions of A Smartphone
Most GPS watches for kids offer all the features you look for in a cell phone for your underage child, including two-way communication, a camera, emergency calls, games, and multimedia. When your kid is below the age of 5, this is pretty much all parents want in a smartphone to stay in touch with them.
Kids smart watch is more or less like a mini smartphone, but without harmful rays, allowing you to make phone calls and stay connected with them. GPS watches even have some features that are not present in many cell phones, such as geofencing and fitness tracking.

4. GPS Watches Give You Updates About Your Child's Whereabouts
Real-time location tracking is one of the most promising features that make parents choose a smart watch over a smartphone. This is something that you wouldn't get in a cell phone, but every Bluetooth phone watch has this feature. The only reason parents want to give their little kids a cell phone in the first place is so that they can know where they are and be sure that they are okay. Well, a GPS watch for kids is designed specifically for this purpose.
In fact, with a tracker watch for kids, you can even know when your kid has reached their destination and get notified if they are headed somewhere else. This can prevent your kid from getting lost or kidnapped when they are on their own. Knowing your child's location without having to call them from time to time is enough to keep your mind at ease.

5. They Limit Kids' Screen Time
Bluetooth smart watches significantly reduce your child's screen time. Cell phones have so much to offer in terms of games, social media, the internet, and apps that kids get addicted to them easily, which is bad for their health and brain. Whereas in GPS watches for kids, there are a limited number of things to do, encouraging them to engage more in physical activities and sports.
With no internet and social media on their gadgets, they are less likely to be distracted, especially in classrooms and schools. A study reported that in classes where students were allowed to bring cell phones, the test scores went down, meaning they are a distraction for kids.

6. They Are Cheaper Than Smartphones
Why spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone when you can get the same functions by buying a good 4G smart watch for kids? GPS watches for kids are significantly cheaper than cell phones, so they don't put a dent in your budget.
You don't have to spend a lot of money to know that your kid is safe when the same results can be achieved by investing in a good-quality kids GPS watch. There are tons of options available in the market for kids smart watches; even the most expensive ones cost lower than a cell phone. Even if finances are not an issue for you, getting a smart watch for your children is a wiser and safer choice than a cell phone, particularly for preschoolers.

7. GPS Watches Are Kid-Friendly
Cell phones are used by everyone, regardless of age, color, race, and gender. That means when you get your kids a smartphone you are connecting them to a whole world of cell phone users. You have to monitor who they interact with because no cell phone is designed particularly for children; you have to set parental controls yourself.
Whereas all the GPS tracker watches for kids are designed specifically with their needs, safety, and learning in mind. This is why you don't have to set any parental controls on the content or games they consume. They already have games and activities suitable for their age and kid-friendly features.

8. Kids' Smart Watches Motivate Them to Be Active
There are many features in a kids tracker watch that encourage them to get up and be active instead of just sitting around and watching videos on their cell phones. There are fitness trackers, step counters, and other educational features that help kids stay active.
With a kids GPS watch on their wrists, they are less likely to be couch potatoes and play games that make them physically fit. Parents can even set reminders for sports and other fun activities on their kid's GPS watch, motivating little children to go out and play. GPS watches for kids also have cameras for photos and videos, which the kids can use to capture beautiful moments and make memories.


The idea behind getting your little ones a smartphone, despite its harmful effects on their brain, is to keep in touch with them. However, if the same results can be achieved without putting them at risk of radiation, then why not go for it? Spend some money on buying a top-notch GPS watch for kids and secure your peace of mind.


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