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5 Common Questions About Smartwatch

by Tiffany YI on September 02, 2022


  1. What is the best smartwatch?

This is the most common question for someone who is planning to buy a smartwatch. In this article, we will give you the most subjective answer as for us, the best smartwatch is the smartwatch that can work independently. It means that the best smartwatch doesn’t need to depend on anything to make it work. So, our suggestion is to always look for a smartwatch that is provided by a SIM card, so you don’t have to connect it to your phone. With a SIM card and internet connection, you still have your smartwatch running as usual and functioning well. The other qualification to be the best smartwatch is the operating system. Again, we are not telling which operating system is the best as we are providing an objective point of view. The best smartwatch is the smartwatch with the latest operating system. Doesn’t matter which brand of the operating system, but please be sure that it is operated by the newest version of OS.

Other than the operating system, you might also have to think about the app, function, and feature to determine the best smartwatch. Of course, the best smartwatch is the smartwatch that can provide the most features. But here we are giving you the minimum bare of the smartwatch features that we think are essential. Those are:

  • Maps

With a maps feature, a smartwatch is the best navigation to lead you to the direction while you are driving, cycling, or running. This will be more comfortable and safer compared to a mobile phone as you can easily look at your watch screen to see the map. It is as easy as looking at your wrist, so you can drive with less distraction and keep your focus on the road.

  • Fitness

The fitness feature of the smartwatch can help you track your heart activity, step-counting, calorie expenditure, etc. Based on your personal fitness goal, the smartwatch helps you to keep track of that, whether your goal is to lose weight, be more active, build a body shape, etc. More than a fitness goal tracker, this feature can also be a health tracker and help you to understand more about your body's health situation and can be an early warning if there is something wrong with your body.

  • Media / music control

It is really comfortable and easy to control the media, especially music from your watch. This control includes the play-control, volume, and skip tool. Other than music, the best smartwatch also should be able to display the media or pictures clearly for the best user experience.

  • Notification

There are some ways how the smartwatch gives a notification alert. But our preference is the vibrate mode or the combination of sound and vibrate mode. Because the smartwatch is always on your wrist, so the vibrate mode won’t allow you to miss any notification.

  • Messaging

So far, we have three ways of messaging: text messaging, voice calls, and video calls. To be the best smartwatch, those three types have to be functioned well either with the internet or without the internet through SMS service.

  • Camera

The best smartwatch is the smartwatch that has its own built-in camera so that it can immediately capture the moment without any help from an additional device.

  • Calendar

With the calendar feature, a smartwatch can show and organize the user’s appointments and schedule. It even can make a reminder for upcoming appointments or events.

  • Notes

Notes plays an essential role in a smartwatch. Besides taking any important notes, it can also help you to make a check-list


  1. Why do I need a smartwatch?

We have heard many opinions saying that smartwatches are not useful. It is probably because they don’t know what other things that smartwatch can do. Here in this article, we will explain more hidden features of a smartwatch that would blow your mind and make you immediately think that you need a smartwatch.

  • Music

Talking about the music feature of the smartwatch, we always discussing on how the smartwatch can play music, control the pause, and control the volume. But actually, smartwatch can do more than just control the music player, especially for musicians, music teachers, or music students. Smartwatches can help you as a tuner or metronome. So, you can immediately tune your instrument with your watch. As a metronome, the smartwatch can help you control the beat while you are practicing or making music.

  • Watersport

Most pages are talking about how smartwatch help your fitness, count your step, and other fitness goal tracker feature. No wonder why people think that having a smartwatch is not that necessary because you can still use your phone, fitness devices, or the gym facility. But how about a watersport? Remember that the smartwatch is waterproof, and when you are in the water, the smartwatch is the only helping device that you can use. Think about still having the information while you have sport underwater. That information includes the time and weather conditions, GPS map, important messages, and others. Keeping up with weather updates is really important when you are having a watersport as the weather is so unpredictable. Imagine that you are having fun doing your watersport activity on a sunny day, and your watch can give you information or alert that there will be rain in a couple of moments. Having a smartwatch while doing watersports also will give you ease of location sharing and tracking.

  • Camera

Even if you already have your phone, your camera feature will be more useful when you have a smartwatch. With the smartwatch, you can see what your camera phone sees. You can use this to see into tight spaces where you can fit your phone but not your body.


  1. Can I use a smartwatch without a smartphone?

Of course! Depending on the type, a smartwatch can be a standalone device. If it’s a semi-smartwatch, it needs to be paired with a smartphone to work on. But, if it full smartwatch or a specialty smartwatch, users should be able to use it without getting paired with a smartphone. Semi-smartwatches are designed to be one-half of the phone, so it’s probably nothing much to do when there’s no smartphone around.

On the other hand, some manufacturers produce a full smartwatch that can be paired with your smartphone operating system but also has their own native system to make it able to work by itself. Their native system is usually supported with GPS, and SIMcard to function well.

Even though smartwatches can work without a smartphone, we highly encourage users to link the smartwatch with their smartphone for a better experience and more function. By this, you can also locate your device (smartphone and smartwatch) in case you lose one of them.


  1. How could smartwatches completely take the place of smartphones?

Smartwatches and smartphones will always be different devices with their own function. Smartwatches will be too tiny to replace the smartphone, and the smartphone is too complex to run as a smartwatch. Also, the smartwatch has many features that make them different from a smartphone. Smartwatches and smartphones always run hand in hand, so there is no case to replace each other.

In the future, there is a possibility for the smartwatch replacing the smartphone. So far, the main reason why smartwatches cannot replace smartphones is because their screen size is too tiny. But, if there is a floating air icons feature in the future, smartwatches will be able to replace the smartphone. This feature allows you to use your device with a larger screen size by swiping fingers in the air and using an airpod or specific receiver in the ear to receive calls.


  1. Should I buy a smartwatch or a normal watch?

The answer to this question varies depending on personal preferences. A normal watch will only tell you the time, and for some people, time is the only thing that they would like to know and be updated on. But for some people, it is really essential to always know any information and notification in real-time. For them, having a smartwatch is really practical and saves a lot of space as a smartwatch is one tool for everything, suitable for you who always want to have tracked data.

Some people also usually prefer a normal watch because they concern more about fashion and consider that a normal watch is more fashionable than a boring square smartwatch. Don’t get it wrong because the smartwatch can also be fashionable. There are plenty of options and designs of smartwatches that you can have. For example, the Wonlex smartwatch offers a geeky design of smartwatches, a cheerful design for kids smartwatches, and an elegant design for adults and seniors. If you are still not satisfied with the collection, you can also inquire the smartwatches with your own design and brand.

If you are still confused with this option, why don’t you get both of them? Some people end up having a smartwatch and a normal watch as well. Depending on the situation and event, they can wear either smartwatch or a normal watch. For example, wear a normal watch during normal activity, and wear a smartwatch while having exercise or when they can’t have a smartphone around. As a fitness or running enthusiast, there will be such a huge difference in using a smartwatch. You will easily track your fitness or exercise progress as well as your health condition like exercise duration, distance, and heart rate.



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