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15 Cool Features of a Kids Smart Watch and Why Parents Are Loving this New Miracle Gadget

by Tiffany YI on September 21, 2022
Believe it, the Future is here!

Is worrying for kids' safety going to be a thing of the past? Can a parent live a carefree life? Has technology advanced to the extent that parents who spend half their time making arrangements for their kids' safety and security sometimes choose helicopter parenting out of fear to live a life of peace and liberation?

Please wait until we tell you about the coolest features of the miracle Kids Smartwatch and how it is making parents' lives easy worldwide.


So, Why a Kids Smart Watch in the First Place?

Little birdies grow up and leave their nest (not forever), sometimes out in the open to play, for extracurricular activities, and sometimes for play dates with friends. Elementary school kids are not grown up to feel responsible for themselves, but they are grown up enough to know their interests, friends, and what they like to do. Some like cycling at the park, and others like playing creative games with friends.

Working parents can't watch them do all of that and manage work daily. It is often considered best to leave kids alone for a few hours daily. This helps them develop a sense of responsibility and prepares them for future solo endeavors.

But what does that entail? A lot of dropping, picking, worrying, and panicking drills never end. It is a parent's instinct to protect their kid, and there is no way they will stop worrying about it; they are hard-wired that way. But what if there is some help from technology that lets them take a breather every once in a while?

Parents need peace of mind, and the kids need time and space to explore themselves and the world. Both are doing what they should be, and there's no stopping them. What would be great is a little help and a little convenience.

kids tracker watch popularly called a SmartWatch for kids is just that and more for parents who wish to communicate with their kids who are not old enough to carry cell phones. The watch lets the parents call/ get in touch with their kids at any time and is loaded with features to ensure their kids' safety 24/7.

Also sold as a kid's GPS watch on the market, the Smartwatch lets the parent track their child's exact whereabouts at any given time. It is also enabled with features like emergency call and panic button, which let the child immediately contact their parent in case of a mishap.


How to Choose a kids SmartWatch?

Most Smartwatches offer features like calling, texting, and GPS tracking but there is a lot of variation between watches based on the different needs of parents who like to customize them as per their requirements. Does the parent want to manage every aspect of their child's watch usage? Do they want automatic answering when their child can't pick up? Does the parent want to be notified when their kid leaves her 'safe zone'? Or Does the parent want the kid to make calls and dictate texts like she was using a phone?

Choosing the best Kids Smart Watch comes down to the specific needs of a parent, their situation, and of course, the money they are willing to invest. Some watches are expensive, while others are comparatively affordable. The trick is to find the perfect watch in your budget with maximum features that suit you. The best Smartwatch is one that lets kids enjoy life, explore the world unhinged, and gives the parent peace of mind at the same time. Let us explore some of the coolest features parents should watch out for when looking for that perfect Kids Smart Watch.

  1. Phone and Video Call: For parents, it is not only convenient but comforting to know they can get in touch with their kids 24/7. Depending on the model, the Kids tracker watchcan be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. Video calling is a fantastic feature if parents want to see what their kid is up to.
  2. Voice and Text Messaging: For the DND (Do Not Disturb) moments like the little ones being in class or parents in meetings, this feature lets mom and dad text or even voice message their kid to know if all is okay.
  3. Safe Contact List: This list lets kids contact and is contacted only by the people their parents put on the safe contact list. All other incoming and outgoing calls are blocked. This is particularly safe because it never lets a stranger get in touch with kids.
  4. GPS Tracker: The whole point (most important) of thekids Smartwatch comes down to this one. They can track kids while out playing, on a trip, or at a friend's place.
  5. GeoFencing: One of the coolest features of this watch, GeoFencing helps the parent set up a safe perimeter for their child and notifies the parent whenever the kid breaches that or is forced out due to an unwanted mishap. Expecting kids to do what they are told is stupid because do they ever listen? This feature notifies parents when kids go beyond their safe zones.
  6. Alerts and Notifications: Parenting anxiety is real. Customizable notifications of the kids' whereabouts, at regular intervals, might be a solution to calm that down.
  7. GPS Location History:This one is set up for the parent to check on later. These can be seen with specific dates and time frames, so the parents know when and where their child went. The only loophole is the kid leaving the watch deliberately to make the parent feel they were somewhere else. On the other hand, this feature makes tracking down lost items and other events of the day more manageable than ever.
  8. Two-Way Communication: It is not only important for parents to send messages and track them down at any given time but to build trust with kids. Equally important is to be able to communicate with them. A simple "I ate lunch on time, Mom" message from the kid can make all the difference.
  9. Panic Button: This one is a game changer and, in my opinion, the most important feature regarding kids' security. If there is a situation that requires your immediate attention, like the kid getting lost or feeling scared for some reason, or God forbid, is in the company of a predator and cannot call for help. A simple push of a button will alert a parent, along with the GPS location of the little one.

There is always the option of calling the kid to confirm if she is okay, but sometimes there is a real emergency, and the parent can call the emergency line to help things in time.

  1. Fitness Tracker: This feature is particularly cool for two reasons.

One is that it motivates the kids to stay active. With smartphones, and media games surrounding them 24/7, it is often tough to get the kids out to play or stay active in general.

Second, it helps parents create awareness for kids of a fit and healthy life early in life. They won't grow up to be fat middle-aged people exercising to save their lives. Fitness would not be an option but a habit forever.

  1. Voice Clock: This feature tells the kids what time it is. Kids would always know what it is and be back on time or do a certain activity within the time allotted—no more excuses for losing track of time.
  2. The Camera: Cameras are cool for everyone, and ever since they were invented, there is not one human who hasn't felt the need to freeze a moment in time. Kids are no exception. Selfies and video recording options are a cool way to let kids have fun once in a while.
  3. Personal Calendar: This is just like one for adults. A calendar with notifications and reminders for kids. A great way to track friends' birthdays, sports activities, and other daily tasks.
  4. Educational Games: Games that are fun and informative for kids are mostly harmless. Educational games that teach kids a thing or two, help them improve vocabulary, or make their general knowledge better are a great way of keeping kids engaged while learning.
  5. Emergency Information: This can be a lifesaver in some cases. Personal information about kids, like strong allergies and severe health problems, can help identify and treat them just in time.

Other sneaky features like listening in on kids and tamper alert (when the kid removes the watch or tampers with it) are helpful if a parent prefers that.

While the parent would still need to check and research the accuracy and potency of many features these Kids tracker Watches offer, there is one for everyone when it comes to these cute little smart gadgets that might change the lives of parents and kids forever.


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